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about us

Charitable Foundation for contemporary spiritualized art has been created by a famous russian composer, artist and a producer Alexander Sophiex - the author of harmonizing music and painting, known around the world. Bright follower and continuer of the ideas of the new art - art synthesis, as it was called Nicholas Roerich, Mikalojus Ciurlionis  and Alexander Scriabin. Objectives of this Fund are aimed at maintenance of  the author's activities and the people who are creating the art of peace, goodness, beauty, harmony and light. These are people of Indigo - small and big, people of cosmic consciousness, people who are the makers and doers.

The fund was established in 2012, as it has been a critical and important year for all earthlings. We are entering a new era, the era of development and existence. This new era is characterized by new quality of human life. The development of spirituality and the expansion of human consciousness. A new cultural revolution proclaiming the laws of harmony of the space and the universe, sublime human relationships which are based on compassion, respect and the deepest understanding of each other and unity with nature. The society of happy Earthlings, cooperating for the common good.

Now a huge number of information and energy from outer space arrives to the Earth, that every moment affecton us. The most important information sources of the universe, carrying in itself a colossal the vital force are the vibrations, which are more understandable to us as the sound or music and light-color codes, which are capable to personify also into a creative work of people in form of a painting. It is the universal language of the space and the universe, comprehensible to absolutelyall people of the earth.
     The future of our planet belongs to us, and our success depends on how we are able to synchronize with the most subtle of these processes. Each of you can and, of course, wants to be a part of this transformation process.


You're lucky - the moment has come.

Welcome to the world of Universal Beauty - Music, Harmony, Colors and of course the fulfillment of all your sublime dreams!

We thank you for your donation

Your money will be directed to support the creative process of creating works of art as well as for the organization of festivals, concerts, exhibitions, presentations around the world.

Your contributionis invaluable!

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