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sophiex-the-bestWhere to get real music in modern world ?

Today's world of art is assumed that there is only a show-pop, trash and ephemeral. Meanwhile, today's world, there are very different artists - exactly the opposite of destructive contemporary  mass culture. Of course they are not put up for public display but these are musicians and artists, creators are worthy of  attention and respect, because it is on their shoulders lay the burden and can be happiness, to bear true human, divine culture and morality - to be creators and creators of our planet.

One of these members is a Russian composer, artist and producer, harmonizing music and painting, virtuoso drummer Alexander Sophiex.

Most recently, in the author's life took a significant event, which opens the regular horizons of international popularity.

WMA lable well-known American company published the first part «The Best ... music by Alexander Sophiex ».  This is first phase of agreement, under which assumes full collection edition of Alexander Sophiex music. On the first CD contemporary romantic instrumental music, the second CD will be consist of transcendental music for meditation, relaxation and recreation. It is because harmonizing music and painting author was known as his work is used widely and recommend world's largest health and beauty centers. Incidentally, the album cover is framed artist's own work, space painting "Approaching". It remains to add that composer music published in world's biggest musical resources iTunes and Spotify available to millions of listeners around the world. Just iTunes provides the ability to sync with Facebook and through this, music can be bought directly on the Facebook Alexander Sophiex official page.  

 Enjoy your auditions!

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