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II International Festival "Talents Unite World "

talents-unite-worldII International Festival "Talents Unite World "

From 5 to 9 August in the Crimea  Koktebel picturesque on the Klementiev mountain in the famous Gliding Centre (TsAGI) hosted the II International Festival "Talents Unite World."

 This festival traditionally brings together creative people from all over the world. Exhibitions, installations, music, literature, documentaries, science and philosophy. All of these events have decorated unique space music concerts popular contemporary composers Leonid Timoshenko and Alexander Sophiex.

The motto of the festival: Highly gifted individuals - property of  planet.

The purpose of festival: Opening of talents in different fields of culture and combining talented people through cultural projects. The festival is attended by musicians, artists, writers, philosophers and scientists.

II International Festival "Talents Unite World" was held in the unique setting of the Crimean peninsula - the Klementiev mountain in Koktebel, in the famous TsAGI - Gliding Centre. This  place is associated with the names of leading figures of aviation and astronautics: S.P. Korolev, O.K. Antonov, S.V. Ilyushin, A.N. Tupolev - those who had the glory and pride of  aircraft Russia.

Concert and Exhibition Hall of the Festival - Avia museum indoors, which is located one of the hangars inside at the Gliding Centre, and its unique exhibits gliders and light aircraft from the ceiling fit perfectly into a creative space theme of the Festival. Venue Festival is unique - it is located on the Golden Land middle  - the base is level between pole and equator. On the Klementiev mountain conducted flights in light aircraft, gliders, motoplans. All of this has colored festival in bright colors happy days of contact with the beautiful art, fantastic scenery Koktebel and Karadag, warm sea, a huge dome of the sky and flying between heaven and earth.talents-unite-world-sophiex

The three parts of the festival were merged its common name "Talents Unite World", and this trinity of Cosmos, Earth, and Creativity. 

As always, beauty is already saving the world!


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