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alexander-sophiex Alexander Sophiex - composer, artist, producer, founder of Indigo fund.

Bright follower and continuer of the ideas of the new art - art synthesis, as it was called Nicholas Roerich, Mikalojus Ciurlionis  and Alexander Scriabin.

Representative of genre New Age, Contemporary music, World Music, Neo Classical, Relax music as well as the direction of “Fantasy” in the painting.

Virtuoso drummer. Author his drum school “System of saturated play on the drum kit.”

Creator ” Sophiex Music Show “.

Written five New Age music albums.

The main features of music and art – is the widespread use of the largest international health and beauty center for medicinal purposes as a means of relaxation, relaxing, relieve nervous tension, total harmonization of human and living space.

Music published in the United States and Russia – distribution on iTunes, Spotify, Facebook.
Paintings in private collections of Europe and Russia.

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lubov-zubovaLubov Zubova
Young Russian avant-garde artist.
Member of Creative Union of Professional Artists of Russia

Special direction in the creative arts, it found its innovative artistic avant-garde nature of the course - the artist began to draw their spatial compositions on a rusty iron. Incredible metamorphosis and magic transformations, giving new life to a shapeless piece of metal - it's unbelievable. It is also worthy of special attention to its work on the canvas.

One of the essential, basic qualities of creativity Lubov Zubova contemplative serenity that emanates from the vast majority of her creations.

Member of numerous solo and group exhibitions in Moscow and Europe.

The works are in museums and private collections in Russia, Netherlands, Italy, France, etc.

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yuri-moskalenkoYuri Moskalenko - a famous artist from Belarus.
In 1997, the paintings of this artist were presented at the Roerich Museum (Moscow) at the exhibition dedicated to the birthday of Helena Roerich. Solo exhibitions are held in the largest halls of Russia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine. In 2008-2010, the work of Yuri Moskalenko exhibited in galleries and other exhibition halls of the Netherlands.

His works can enjoy their aesthetic appeal. It is promoted by way of a smooth blend of refined bright, rich colors, with a very smooth transition into each other. The depth of the pictures gives the desire of the artist to reveal the inner essence of the creative process in the universe. No wonder his credo he formulates as follows: "I do not know anything more interesting and exciting creative works in any display."

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don slepian 
Don Slepian - composer, performer from USA
Classical Music of the Future: A Soundtrack for Your Life

Live music from preeminent Classical Electronic Keyboardist Don Slepian, famous for performing original, improvised orchestral music that excites and inspires audiences.
Hailed as “one of the genre’s major talents” by Rolling Stone Magazine, he is an award-winning artist with critically acclaimed performances in both Paris and New York City.
A true pioneer in electronic music, he has been presented in New York’s Lincoln Center by WNYC’s New Sounds, in the Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris by the French Ministry of Culture, in Thailand by the Karen Baptist Church, and at the Waikiki Shell in Hawaii by the Honolulu Symphony Society.

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 inga koryagina
Inga Koryagina - head and mastermind educational center "ESOLANG” in Moscow.

Reiki Master, psychologist, certified reefer international level, the author's own techniques for self-development, the resolution of the difficulties of life and health of the body, the author of "Rebirthing" book, associate Professor of foreign languages, International marketing 1997-2014.

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Vladimir Cherchenko 
 Vladimir Cherchenko - Russian philosopher, poet, lecturer, writer , photographer,

translator from French and Bulgarian books on music and medicine Peter Donov and Omraam Mikael Ayvanhov.

The author of the project "Health 's creation through music ".

Engaged in cultural and educational activities within the framework of the author's project

"Peace through Culture " and "Concept of healthy living and active aging ."

Holding meetings, seminars and lectures.

Collaborating with the " Call of rhythm" magazine ( Ekaterinburg ) - publishes articles , poems and photos.

Board member of the "Union of the intelligentsia " Gelendzhik , Krasnodar Krai on Culture and Education.

Author of scientific and poetic work "The Philosophy of Happiness"

Poetry Vladimir Cherchenko ... 

Vyacheslav Shytov - Sunny artist Slavish

The famous Russian artist - designer at first, artist - researcher in search of peace and poetry creator transcendent portrayer - today.

Author and lecturer own technique "Expanding Consciousness through creativity". Master works in the style – Energy painting.

Desire to creativity - throughout life. Permanent spiritual search, creative exploration and self-improvement, the study of philosophy , theology , astronomy, ancient knowledge, religions of the world ......

   Based on the extensive experience of our own vision of world and all that the master has paved his way, his style of work and use it in their work. He is driven by a desire to live a full, productive life, dedication, research and the discovery of a new unimaginable possibilities in terms of harmonization of human beings and the space of co-creation in it of Soul and Spirit. The fruits of his work artist gives people the ...

   In his paintings Slavish invests energy of light and love, harmony between man and the space around it, the vision of the spiritual worlds, being invisible universe. The images and stories - the fruit of the author's imagination reasonable . Divine invisible world is represented on the canvas: World of Angels, The World Magic of Light Energy, Peace Love  

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Liana De Laurent   Liana De Laurent - singer, artist, actress (USA)
I am an interdenominational Channel of light's love through my natural gifts of creativity and self- expression
My work and purpose on Earth as an Artist is a pure reflection of my deep love for Unity, Freedom, and love for our
Mother Earth and all living things beyond the Earth plane.
I see the world as a transcendent experience of "NOW" where love is an antidote for everything that is in lack of it.
I am a clear channel for God's positive, peaceful waves of energy that are expressed onto a canvas, musical material and anything else i put my energy into.
As I connect with the heart of all that exists and vibrates in our world, these waves of energy and consciousness give shape to my artwork and music.
My goal in this life an artist is to inspire, empower and unite human kind through all of my gifts. Share them with the world and assist other in bringing the world back into its natural state of infinite peace and joy!
"I am you and you are me. We are one and we are unlimited , we are undeniable, we are unconditionally loved, deserving and worthy. We are worthy of happiness beyond our current reality. We are the reality, we are the past, present and future. We are time and space. We are romance, jobs, money and health. And we are here to receive the abundance of it from the very bottom of our soul.
We are LOVE"

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tanya zelenkovaTanya Zelenkova - artist, lecturer, journalist ( Kaluga, Russia )
Born and raised in "the cradle of space"- the city of Kaluga. So the theme of my work - "STAR". I am convinced that children give us Life, children are the most important thing in the life of adults: men and women. Since 1994 I am the author of "Motherhood Living Universe". Working as an artist, lecturer and journalist. Author of articles, books, presentations and seminars on topics: "Mother and Child on planet Earth", "What does it mean to be a Woman", "Sex education," "Love against abortion", "Relations", "the Androgyne Man", "Co-creation with Nature".

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Maria M. Veselovskaya-Tomash – Teacher-scholar, writer, public figure.
Russia, Moscow
Twice international Gold Artiade Cavalier of the Order "For honor and dignity", the poet, public figure.
Member of Journalists Union Russia, member of Writers and Publicists International Association, member of Slavic journalists International Union, the tenfold Winner, the Ascetic of Artiade of the peoples of Russia, member of World Artiade Committee, Vice-President of the National Artiade Committee of Russia, President of the National League Pair Artists Movement in Russia, member of the standing Board of the Big Articulo Jury World Artiade Committee and the National Artiade Committee of Russia.

The founder and Director since 1995 of the Socially-Oriented Regional public charitable organization of disabled Pair Artists Centre "Ivan da Marya".

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